Bags, bags and more bags!

Don’t you just love a great bag? If I could, I would change my bag like I change my clothes but it’s just not practical. My solution was to find a neutral, durable bag that goes with everything. This can be an expensive purchase but it doesn’t have to be. Check out this Calvin Klein tote I found at TJ Maxx for $60 on clearance. I love this bag! It’s my staple for the summer. The basket weave pattern trimmed in white patent leather with silver hardware pairs great with all my summer looks.


Say It With Your Style

Our style speaks volumes to the world whether we think so or not. ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’ sounds good but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is we are judged by our appearance. The question is, what are you putting our there…what are you expressing to the world? Are you fading into the background hoping you won’t get noticed? Or are you standing bold and confident telling the world ‘look at me’? Never be afraid to express your unique point of view. Say it with your style.